Monday, August 02, 2004

Some randoms of today

Course I'll get a laugh at this, but who knows about anybody else ;)

Cm3000: I'm so happy I know y9u
Cm3000: you
CuteYoBoy: why is that?
Cm3000: because you can suck a golf ball through a garden hose

BingoAndHisToy: your life is kinda like a porn flick you could say
CuteYoBoy: yes, I could say that it has been
BingoAndHisToy: involving slings?
CuteYoBoy: LMAO
CuteYoBoy: never tried those, YET ;)
BingoAndHisToy: well i am sure that there is a special someone out there who is putting one up for you right now
CuteYoBoy: I hope it's strong... I'm gonna make it swing
BingoAndHisToy: well lets hope he bought the regular one and not the Jr.
CuteYoBoy: HAHA!!
CuteYoBoy: For those "vertically challenged" people
BingoAndHisToy: and kids
CuteYoBoy: ewe!
BingoAndHisToy: of all ages
BingoAndHisToy: whatever your so closed minded ;-)