Tuesday, August 03, 2004


"people who need people... are the luckiest people in the world"

Give me a fucking break!

Do we really need people? Ok, maybe we do. This is something that seems to almost be to tough to answer. Sometimes I think the healthiest way to look at life is if you are happy being by yourself. Isn't that what they say? "You gotta be able to live life on your own without needing anyone."

BUT, then again I don't know about this. What if we didn't have relationships, friends, and family like the way we do now? We would be a mess! A blob of stupid people running around this earth bumping into things. Total chaos! We need teachers, doctors, lawyers - yes those are people too ;) We need those lovers who rub our feet, who kiss our necks, and whisper sweet things in our ears, RIGHT? Oh, and especially those that cuddle ;)

We need those friends to hang out with, to tell our deepest thoughts to, and to be there for each other when we have problems.

So maybe we do need each other sometimes. Do you think we don't need anyone? Do you think we need a balance? Or we actually do need people in our lives all the time?

And what a random post this was!