Friday, August 06, 2004

Death by no power

My main computer died last night. I was saddened and pissed the fuck off! I get home and notice the CPU wasn't turned on. I left it on before I went into work. I thought maybe the power went out longer then what the UPS backup system can handle. So I hit the switch, nothing happens. I check the plug and all and decide to reset the power supply. The computer turns on. Cool! I get ready to go out with Chris for dinner.

When I was leaving it was still on and working, so I thought everything was cool.

I get back later and noticed it was turned off again. This time nothing was getting the CPU to come on at all. Thinking it was a power supply I get out my old computer that doesn't work (but has a good power supply in it) and switch them off.

The computer starts right up, and everything looks fine until the hard drives start spinning to load up Windows. Then I hear the hard drives clicking on and off and the fans struggling to stay spinning. I knew I was pushing it though. This power supply was only for 350 Watts. And my computer was drawing more then the thing could give it. So I shut it off.

Now after work I have to go shopping for a new one and hope this is the main problem to it getting fixed. They are not cheap either. Here I was actually hoping to go out tonight with my friend Aaron and have a little fun, but instead it looks like that fun money is going towards my new power supply. BLAH!