Thursday, August 05, 2004

*BURP* Coworkers *BURP*

Well, back in the day when the company I work for wasn't so cheap I had a nice big office. I was kind of sealed off from the world outside in cubes. In a way, it was nice. I could eat and sleep in my office, and maybe do other things in it as well ;)

But I always felt like I was separate from everyone else. I saw most of those people act more like a family together because they would talk and create a bond with their coworkers across from their cubicle.

Well, today I sit in one of those cubes. And next to mine I have a really loud lady from NYC. For business reasons we'll call her "Newyorker". Newyorker and I do get along. Most of the time we see eye to eye on things and we hold nice conversations. The only thing is, some bad qualities come out of her that grate at me sometimes.

She's loud, and that can get to me when she's on the phone with someone. "Michael's hemorrhoids are flaring up again Marianne, when we go places he has to take his donut".. Ok, I don't need to know this! First, this isn't the donut I want to be floating through my mind. Second, picturing someone with the hems isn't cool, especially since Michael's picture is on the desk and I have an active imagination. "When we went to see Spiderman 2 he had to visit the toilet 3 freakn times Mary".... "I got sick of telling him what he missed" .. SHUT UP!!!

And she's got this thing about burping and farting. I must be like this little princess to her. I hardly ever fart or burp in public unless I'm among friends that can handle that. If I have to at work I'll make a trip to the bathroom. If it's gonna be a loud fart I muffle it with toilet tissue while in the stall. Yeah, weird isn't it?

But Newyorker well be talking at me facing my direction "Billy, per diem for San Diego is? *BURP* Oh wow, that was a big one!" Then 2 more come out.... "Damn I'm on a roll!" and sometimes a fart well come out, "That sounded juicy!"

Her poor kids.

"Think I left a stain with that one!"

Seems like I'm not the only one with annoying 'neighbors'.