Tuesday, August 03, 2004

And why we don't need people...

I was walking towards my car when I witnessed someone else trying to get out of her car. Psycho Mary (lets call her that) had barely cracked the door open when another car was pulling into the spot beside her where she was getting out to.

I believe the driver taking the parking spot didn't see "Psycho" trying to get out of her car because she had just started to. Like an inch of the door was open by the time the car was already pulling into the empty space.

Clueless Candy (lets call her that) driving the car into the spot gets out of her car and heads towards the grocery store. Mary steps out and starts screaming insults and cuse words at Candy... "You slut, you ignorant bitch, get the fuck back here..."

Candy just keeps on walking.

Psycho Mary pulls out her keys and "DAMN!" I said.. "Someone has issues!" .. as I see Mary scratching the hell out of Clueless Candy's new BMW. I then see Mary glare at me because she heard what I said. I was glad I was leaving rather then coming.

Let's just hope Mary doesn't stalk me and mess up my car!