Sunday, August 08, 2004

Billy fought the battle of the Kevin-o

Life has a weird way of doing things.

I got a voice mail from my ex Kevin (the person I was with for 7 years) with those famous words "We gotta talk". I wasn't really sure what this meant because we weren't together anymore. Kevin and I stopped seeing each other back around November. In Feb. I met another guy that I started dating for a few months, but that officially ended back in May.

After that ended Kevin and I began to talk about maybe trying to work things out and see if we could do it again. So we went out on a few dates (not many) and talked on the phone sometimes. Nothing seemed to get to serious, but that was partly because believe it or not, I was heart broken by the guy I had started seeing back in Feb. and thought I just needed a break to make sure he was no longer going to be in the back of my mind as a "maybe". It wouldn't be fair to Kevin if I still had feelings for the other guy.

So I did end up getting over the other guy and about 3 weeks ago things were starting to look ok between Kevin and I. About a week or so later I get a phone call from Kevin saying that I'm the right person at the wrong time, and he needs to focus on his work (something big is happening with his job). Ok, I wasn't really all that hurt by THIS because while I love Kevin, I'm not in love with him anymore.

I pretty much break contact with Kevin for a few days. I then get a phone call from Kevin inviting me over to his place for dinner. Reluctant, I accept. We have a nice dinner and watch a movie, and he starts up with the I loves you's and miss you... lets work on things.. This coming from the same guy that was telling me the time wasn't right. MEN ARE SO CONFUSING!

I pretty much say I don't want to be in a relationship where I am questioned like that. I hate this on again off again shit. If someone loves me "SHOW ME".

But you know during all of this, I have a gut feeling. A really strong one. If someone loves me, what is so hard about juggling his work schedule with seeing me? I'm not asking to be attached at the hip in order to be happy with the person. Just every once in a while some nice cuddling is all I require. I felt like something more was going on here that he didn't tell me.

And so, back to that voice mail I get from Kevin. I call him back asking "what's up".

"I've met someone else who I have fallen in love with", I KNEW IT! There had to be something else going on. And as it turns out, the whole questioning thing was the same time that he was starting to fall for this guy and so he lied to me by saying it was just the job only, AND by withholding information. Now on a side note he says he didn't lie to me, he just kept information from me... wouldn't you call this a lie? But you know I'm sure he wants to not call it that so it doesn't make himself look bad in his mind, whatever.

Anyways, it has now set in my mind that 2 people I have cared for (Kevin and the other ex which I'm sure I'll talk about him another day), are off the 'lets see if we can work things out' list if they ever approach me again with that.

Men are pigs!

While I am pissed that he 'withheld' information, I'm not saddened luckily because for 1) I had that gut feeling something was up 2) I didn't have feelings resurface with him which could have happened if things continued 3) because besides all of this, he even has balls to tell me about his new boys dick. Which I never asked about from the start. I'm pretty sure that is why he is with this guy, if he is so excited to tell me about it. Either that or to try to make me jealous.

Ok, can you tell I'm a little bitter?

All I'm asking for is honesty out of a person (and withholding info is a part of that). What's even funnier is that as my luck has it, this boy actually called Kevin up while we were out on a date together, and they talked on the phone during our date. That seemed to be a regular thing with my other ex as well (if that hints at what happened with that relationship).

But with all of this going on, I'm still having a great weekend :)