Monday, November 21, 2005

xbox 360 or die

Well maybe not die, but tonight is the night. I had a tip earlier in the week that I could order the xbox 360 online at Circuit City. Boy was that a mistake. I got my hopes all high thinking wow, someone is trying to give me a break up there. At 2 pm Friday they went onsale and at the same time Circuit City's servers just crashed from the overload. Most people like myself could get to a certain point in the ordering of one. I managed to get to the screen to "approve my order". I had my credit card info and everything all filled out and this was the last step. Clicked on "Approve" and then got the message that everyone else got "Circuit City lost your record, please try again." . I actually made it a lot further then most. Some couldn't even get to the order screen at all. And a few lucky ones out there did manage to order the system online before Circuit City closed there website and phone center due to the overload. About 3 hours later I was able to get back online to try again and at that point it said "Sold Out!". What a bitch!

So tonight I'm camping outside of Best Buy hoping to get a system that way. It's gonna be rainy and windy so I'm a little concerned if I can manage it for that long. Hopefully I'll be able to do this. I did it for the orginal xbox when that came out. Went really early around 2 am or so and stood inline, although that evening it wasn't that cold, rainy, or windy. I have many layers of clothes so hopefully that helps out. Although stupid me forgot to pack gloves, so I may have to stop somewhere and buy a pair since right after work I'm going to wait in line.

I'm prepared otherwise. Filled my ipaq up with games and music so I'll be somewhat entertained. Last time I did this it was actually pretty fun. Plus there was a sense of satisfaction that I held out and got something I wanted. I'm sure there are thoughts of 'you freak', 'you're nuts' etc... but I can't really explain it, there is again the satisfaction and fun in it as well.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll actually be able to get one.