Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gay clubs going bye bye

Well, I was just watching the news and saw that most of the gay clubs in the SE (south east) area of DC will be destroyed due to the new Nationals Stadium. Off the bat the "Follies", Zeigfields", and "Secrets" are currently on the cutting block. Also talked about was "Nations" and "Wet" are being considered to go as they are trying to revitalize the area. If they don't go both of those clubs will be within feet of the current stadium site.

Kinda ironic it made me think about the old gay DC club called "Tracks" in the same area of DC. It was my favorite club. It was huge and very comparable to most big NYC clubs. There were nights were thousands of gay guys would pack in that huge space.

The ironic thing about it... when it was destroyed guess who built an office building there? The company I work for. I don't work in that building but I thought it was really weird how I used to party and even had sex there and now people I support with my company work at that same spot.

I wonder what will happen to these current clubs in that area. Will they find a new site or will the gay scene be cut majorly by this new stadium? If they go what will happen to all the twinks, druggies, ravers, fag hags, and just plain ol' partiers? It'll be interesting to see what happens to this huge chunk of current gay land in how people are displaced to a new area.