Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Got one!! After fights and the cops and offers...

And what a fucking experience that was. I need to be sleeping at the moment but I had to write up a quick summary...

I went to Best Buy after work for our local stores midnight sale of them. I get there around 5pm and there is a line around the building. BTW, during this whole time it's pouring down raining and windy. Bestbuy employees are telling us to leave because if you got there at this point you ain't gonna get one. I look at the line and think well I know they have 194 units, and I don't think there is that many people. A really nice guy in front of me starts talking and within a few minutes we become buddies. He says to me at this point, "Hey if you hold my spot in line I'll count how many people are in line and see if we actually have a chance.", I say "Deal".

So he goes for a few minutes and comes back with a grand total of 315 people in line, give or take a few. He also said he talked with the manager and he said they actually handed out vouchers earlier in the day and whomever doesn't have one to forget about getting it. So I tell the guy about my friend who works at Walmart and told me they are also selling theirs at midnight, and it's just 2 lights up the road. So I hop in my car and he hops in his truck and we both take off.

I get to Walmart and see a small line out front thinking ok, I may have a chance. I get under a tent they have up and this lady is handing out numbers at the exact same time I get there. What luck!! She annouces there are 14 units available. And I hear people calling out, "I'm 8", "I'm 11" , and then she calls out 13 and no one replies. So I say I guess I'm 13! And she hands me a number. I see my buddy from Best Buy and shot to him, "Get the fuck over here now!" And he runs and he claims the last one, 14. Instantly after that people around the tent going into the store realize what was going on, and we just all joined as a group at that point and said, we got everyones back who has a number. Also the lady informs us that, We'll open the store at 6am to sell you the Xbox 360. My eyes popped out and I question the time with her stating I heard a midnight sale. She said I heard correct, but that Microsoft had originally promised them 50 units, and due to demand outweighting supply could only give out the 14, which lead to "It's not worth keeping the store open for that small amount".

So I'm suddenly in for the long haul. Luckily I had 3 layers of clothes. And since everyone had our backs on the numbers I asked if I could go inside and buy some gloves and a chair since I was cold as hell. Everyone said that was cool and we all became friends.

My buddy was concerned about a few people including me and this mom who was out there for her kid. She was so sweet to us. I told her it must be love to do something like that for a child. Anyways my buddy goes inside and buys a tent and propane burner and all sat very close to the fire and traded stories, what we did for a living, etc. Then someone had a deck of cards and we all started playing poker. It really was a awesome experience. I've never seen people bond together like that and help each other out.

When 5:30am rolled around and after most of the night people showing up and us telling them all the units had already been sold, a few guys got attitudes about us all waiting there and at that point lost it. A fist fight broke out because one guy told us that he was gonna run for it once the store opened. Which BTW each shift manager had a different approach at how they were gonna sell these to us. One of them freak us out because they said it was gonna be a run for it event. So our numbers from the previous manager meant nothing.

So when the guy said he was gonna run for it another guy like fuck you are, and the next thing you know fists are flying.

Luckily the morning shift manager talked on the phone with the manager that handed us the numbers and said to follow that system. So we give them our numbers and we get an official voucher stating we are getting an xbox 360. After I got my voucher I had a guy offer me a $1,000 bucks for my spot. At this point and 12 hours waiting for something I really wanted, I had to say no.

I'm up waiting for my turn at the cash register when I hear "no one is to leave the building the cops are on the way". Next thing we hear is that someone tried to rob the first guy out the store with a unit. So they called the cops and had the cops escort each one of us out the building with our units so that wouldn't happen again.

As you can tell it was insane...and now I really need to get an hour or so sleep before going into work a little late.