Tuesday, November 15, 2005


This really isn't about the TV show, but while I'm thinking of it the last episode did have an interesting qoute...
"Humans are 2/3rds water just like the earth. The percentage of salt in our blood is the same percentage of salt in the ocean. We are tied to the sea."
Seems like lately everyone around me is under abnormal amounts of stress. Chuck, one of my ex's, most of my coworkers... I mean I can create a pretty long list here of people on the verge of breakdowns from stress.

Just today a coworker of mine had her son's car breakdown. He is still in high school so she paid the bill. $900.00 for new brakes. And if that wasn't enough it turns out after they made the repairs they discovered major issues with the ABS system and a few other things. Now the price skyrocketed to $3,000 for repairs. This lady I've never seen cry before.. she's one tough bitch (well she is really nice if you are on her good side), so it came as a shock to see her break down and lose it. And this isn't the only person I have heard or seen this way. An ex of mine which I won't go into details recently did the same thing due to an issue he is having. Some VERY strong people breaking down... almost like a huge depression is coming or something. I've never had so many people around me feel like they are about to just pull their hair out, throw a few fists around, or cry like a river.

I'm really hoping things get better for all of these people, and soon. I mean I'm also under a bigger then normal amount of stress, especially with work. I have this one guy that I swear he is gonna send me to my grave. There is no way to please this guy and I'm honestly working the best that I can with him. But you know how some things are... you have to follow company procedures and so while you wait for things to be corrected you have one guy calling you up every 30 minutes cusing as to why he hasn't been paid yet. Today he actually said he was going to come by my office. Thankfully the building I work in is secure, so there isn't a way he is getting in here without me giving him premission. My boss said he wasn't allowed to step foot on property since he has been harassing me and she talked to him directly stating that if he continues the police and security will be notified.

Besides all of this year end close is coming up for our company so I'm getting huge amounts of work to process. I wouldn't be surprised if these past 2 weeks have given me some gray hairs.

I'm hoping these things will only scratch my surface and not harm me beyond that.