Sunday, November 13, 2005

$31,000 food bill

Ok, so I'm at the grocery store (one that Chuck talks up about it being cheap and great to shop at) and I probably have maybe 20 items in my cart. I'm looking at the prices of each item when I buy them and think, "hey that's a deal" so I'm satisfied with what I'm getting (I'm also not a cheap person).

I get to the cashier and it's this young maybe 17 year old Jamacian girl. She starts scanning in my items and I'm just kind of people watching while she is doing it. Then the next thing you know her eyes light up and say "Wow man, look at that total... you owe us $31,000 dollars". Then she proceeds to ask "cash or credit?". Course I'm not thinking about how to pay as much as what the fuck made the price so high on my 20 items that should only cost me around $30.00 bucks.

So I ask her what went wrong because my total shouldn't be that high. She just went on to say "I scanned them in and that's what it's coming up with, so that is what you owe... if you have a problem with it you don't have to buy them." So immediately I ask for the manager since I think the girl is an idiot and I would love to see her being told something went wrong...

The manager comes over and says "Sir, what seems to be the problem?". I immediately tell her that my bill is 31 fucking thousand dollars for 20 items, "You tell me what the problem is?". She says, "well it sounds like you got some expensive items and a dirty mouth". I tell her that I want it voided and to lets try this again.

So they void out my bill and start scanning again, this time I'm paying full attention to what the screen shows rather then eyeing up the yo boys that work there :-P . Well we get to the tomatoes and the computer says how much poundage I have of them and the girl flips through the book to find the price of them... she types in something and BOOM.. I owe $31,000 for some beef steak tomatoes. I immedately tell her to stop and show the manager what was up. The manager says "Well it looks like that is the problem". I say "No shit!", and then she says "Tomatoes are getting pretty damn expensive this time of year."... and I immediately head for the door.

And then I wake up.