Monday, November 07, 2005


Sorry I haven't post the past few days... been meaning to but didn't know what to post.

So this is a random post... I'm fucking tired today. Had a long day yesterday and last night. And tonight after work I have to go out and shop for a coworkers wedding/baby shower. I'm telling you these people need to stop throwing parties around here. It's getting costly. Seems like every month I have a couple of parties to shop for people at work. Some of them I don't really care for but feel obligated to get them something since everyone else is.

The past few days around here have been wonderful with the weather. Wish it was like this all the time. And yeah, I really don't know what to talk about so the weather came to mind.

I've also been thinking the best way possible to get an Xbox 360 on release day. Rumor has it Microsoft is behind in the manufacturing process. When originally said that Best Buy could get 100 units, it's now said that they'll only get 20-60 units. This puts a huge damper on things for me. Believe it or not when the original Xbox came out I camped out in line over night for it. It was November as well, and cold as hell. I layered my clothes like a mofo and stood and sat out in line all night. I wasn't the only one either. I had about 20 people in front of me, and at least 100 more behind me. I really don't know if I can camp out again like I did last time. While it was fun and the people in line were great, I do have to work the next day and don't see myself being able to do it as easily. Ugh, guess it's a sign of old age. Maybe I should just take a huge cup of coffee with me and do it again... the only thing about that is getting the shits or pee from that coffee, LOL. And there isn't anyplace but the bushes to really take care of business. I may have to jump around like crazy that night. Try to hit Walmart at midnight and if I don't suceed then find another store before Best Buy opens.

If any of you have a hook up on getting it and feel like sharing the wealth e-mail me ;)