Monday, October 31, 2005

Chuck and Happy Halloween!

I don't have a lot on my mind today but thought I would blog about Chuck for a few. Chuck recently got the General Manager's position for the restaurant he works at. Bascially it's his store now. He is going through a lot in the transition and I can see it's wearing thin on his sanity right now. So if you guys have an extra moment and believe in luck or prayer, then send either his way.

I don't get to see much of him lately and the time I do spend with him he isn't really there so to speak. His mind is worried about his store and his new responsiblities. It doesn't help that he has some idiots that work there and feel free to slack off often or make stupid mistakes that end up causing a mess. The sad thing is he so needs to hire people, but there is no one around here who needs a job apparently. It's also affecting his attitude and has gotten kind of short tempered lately with things that otherwise might not bother him. I've been trying to avoid him to some degree because at times this being smart or short tempered gets thrown at me, which I know he doesn't mean to do but you know how that can happen. I'm sure we've all been in those shoes before.

I've even had those awful thoughts of since he's always going to work at such weird times (times when not scheduled or last minute) and not always saying much to me about them that he could be cheating on me. I shouldn't think this, but you can't always control the human mind as well as you want to. I know he has a good bond with someone he works with and stupid me wonders if they are fooling around behind my back. He says he is straight, but that hasn't stopped guys before! LOL. Or he says he is going to work and really isn't. But I'm really not trying to focus on this thought and I seriously doubt something like that would happen. I'm sure some of you guys have been in similiar situations and you almost can't help but wonder even if you don't want or think it would happen. I love him and I know he loves me, so I'm not getting stressed out about this because I'm sure it's just his job and my mind is playing jedi mind games with me. ;) Plus if I'm already worrying about something like that and confront him I could get the "Well since you think I'm doing it and get in trouble for it I might as well do it" attitude that some guys have.

I'm hoping some time soon things will settle down for him and I'll see him happy again. Until then I'm playing my video games, watching my movies... which by the way I saw what I thought was an ok movie last night called "The Perfect Man" with Hillary Duff and Heather Locklear. It didn't get good reviews at all, but sometimes I guess I have different tastes then the critics or I like movies that suck. Sure the plot was totally predictable, but the little bit of romance in it at least for me made it enjoyable.

But hey, all of us must like one movie that bombed with the critics. Right? ;)

Anyways, wanted to also say Happy Halloween. Don't eat to much candy :-P