Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Gotta hand it to you...

...I found your comments rather interesting on my last post about what people define sex as in a gay relationship. It's pretty wild how vast the opinions are on that issue. And part of me wants to ask why is there such a huge difference there. Why isn't it clearly defined for us?

I'm doing ok today, didn't sleep well at all last night thinking about some issues I've had in my life recently. Things I can't really talk about. Don't you hate those?! :-P

My ex Kevin called me last night and joking said I should pay him alamony (sp) since we were together for 7 years and I was the one with the job bringing home the money while he stayed at home and cleaned and cooked and went to school. I laughed and thought thank God I'm not straight because then I probably would be in this situation. Isn't that a terrible thought in a way? Really if I was with someone for that long and it was just like a marriage shouldn't I treat it as such? But then again, he left me and now he makes more then I do... so nah! :-P

I get paid tomorrow... Daddy is going shopping :) Even if it is for food, I'm excited. With the vacation and some other recent expenses I've been tighter with money then usual. I did some over time and my bills are caught up so now I can splurg on that package of super sharp yummy chedder cheese. I'm a cheese freak.