Monday, August 22, 2005

A memory for me

This post is more for me then for you guys. I someday want to look back on my blog and read through the posts and remember things and also learn from it as well.

On our recent trip to the beach Chuck and I had sex 7 times (4 times if you ask him) in a little over a 24 hour period. He only counts sex as anal. I count it more like if someone gets off then it's sex. And I know different people have different ways of counting it. I just kinda think about it like if someone reaches an orgasm then it's gotta be sex. Also where would the definition lay for cheating? If according to his way I can still get off with a guy and it wouldn't be cheating.

Anyways, it was a great time and I thought I would at least write about it to remember it later. The only thing that kept on happening was that his uncle and parents kept walking in on us moaning and all. They were supposed to be at the pool or away... and so we would go at it again and then either right before climaxing or right after we would realize they've been there long enough to hear us going at it. Especially when we heard Chuck's dad say once "Charlie, your uncle is here!", which then we knew both his dad and uncle had heard.

We had some great memories besides the sex. Walking around... talking.. minigolf.. eating.. relaxing.. and the game of cards I won yet again! ;) Eating Subway at 10am, buying lube at the Rite Aid, Chuck getting sick at the Ripley's room that spins... Here is to more memories like these.