Thursday, December 16, 2004

That's CACA!

People who are around me long enough in real life might pick up on a few things.
1) While I have some of the characteristics of a Gemini and tend to be both like a conservative grown up at times and then also like a little 5 year old at others...
2) I have a good sense of guessing what someone is like by just talking to them for a minute or two (this doesn't always turn out to be this way, but chances are I can probably ask you maybe 5 questions and get a good grasp of a persons character (including how secure they are with themselves, if they really do have heart, and if they truly are happy). On this note I tend to get along more with the person that has gained more in life by working for what they have over the person that has been given because I think part of living is actually getting that feeling of being worried sometimes if you have food the next few days.... makes you appreciate life a lot more and what you do already posses.
3) They tend to pick up on the phrase "That's CACA!". Since very small I would stick pennies in my mouth (I'm guessing from a lack of iron or something according to what one doctor had told me later in life). And when I would stick those pennies in my mouth my mom would always say "You don't know where those pennies have been! Get that out of your mouth! THAT'S CACA!"... And of course being little me would think EWE! It's caca! And right away pull it out of my mouth. Course that didn't last long and within a few hours or so another one would be right up in there. Thinking back on it now, why would someone say "That's CACA!", and as a child my gut reaction was EWE! Get this out of my mouth! I mean have I eaten shit before? Maybe I was a little scat baby or something? All kidding aside, it worked and now it's a regular saying of mine. And people/posers (just kidding you guys) have picked up on it.

Well it's late and I should be in bed. I gave Chuck the first 3 seasons of the West Wing and now after he has been done with the first 2 seasons he has given me the DVD's to watch. I'm hooked, and I think I'll watch an episode now and then get to bed.

I wonder what my White House name would be... like you know the President is "Eagle", and my favorite person on the show CJ (Allison Janney) is known as "Flamingo"...