Sunday, August 29, 2004

DC Blogger Meeting

For those that are interested ;) here are some shots from the meeting:

I'm in the bottom pic of this pic (I was all sweaty and nasty, and I tell you, not photogenic at all....) Thank you!

On this note, I think I would have been more social with some AC and a drink or 2 (we were outside and it wasn't as comfortable as it could have been) WAH WAH! I know, complain complain... It was still a really nice group of guys though.

Here are some more pictures. Although the pictures at this site are huge and for some reason doesn't resize on my screen correctly for me, so I have reposted the pic of me below that was on this sight in a smaller form. Thank you for these pics BTW!

Thanks to Chrisafer for organizing the event, and Boifromtroy for making a guest appearance.

Christian (and Vince) from Outlet Radio provide a great list of links to some of the bloggers that were there. Joe, Christian, Michael, Paul, & Ryan who sat around me were all nice guys and definately sweet hearts to put up with me ;) The rest of you were to far away to really get any feelings on how you were. I'm sure there were some psychos in the crowd ;)

And yes I did take my glasses off :-P Thanks to Jay for the pic! Posted by Hello

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