Monday, August 30, 2004

There is a Seinfeld for that too?

There seems to be a Seinfeld episode for just about anything. And the sad thing is I keep on missing them!

Sure, I get the
Soup Nazi and Elaine's dancing shows all the time. And of course who can forget the bad B.O. in the car that they just can't get rid of? But where are all these other episodes that people talk about and why do I miss them?

I've heard several people say "Oh you should have seen the Seinfeld episode where.... " . I've turned on Seinfeld so many times in reruns (never did appreciate it while it was still actually on the air before syndication). You would think by now I would have seen all the episodes, maybe even twice. But with my bad luck with them, I always get the same ones.

Where are these missing episodes!? I'm about to write Fox and tell them I've had enough Soup Nazi for a year... give us something that hasn't been played in a while.

For any of you big fans of Seinfeld out there,
you might want to look at this. Hell, I'm even tempted to print these out and read them in my spare time (if I had some).