Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I might wanna marry you one day...

if you watch that weight and you keep that firm body... (Hands Clean - Alanis Morissette)

NO! I'm not that shallow.

Sure, looks are definately something with an initial attraction to someone. But they also change in time. Some people seem to get prettier as they get older, and some just the opposite. Beauty really does come from within.

What do I really want? As simple as it may sound and much harder to get - Someone that can love me as much as I love them.
Of course there does have to be things about them I love. If a guy is a great cuddler, thats a HUGE plus. If he can talk, another plus ;) Someone that has some similiar interests with me (like maybe video games, driving around,music, acting silly sometimes) + + + +. I want someone who while looks like a man and acts like one sometimes, can also be comfortable enough with themselves to express emotions if they have to. A guy who isn't afriad to sing now and then. Someone who can be both serious and yet at times have the kid in them come out.

Fresh breath helps too.

I also want somebody that is serious enough to give the relationship a chance. Not go running away when something goes wrong.

You know what? This list could go on and on - I haven't even touched my fetishes yet and how someone with them would be a big benefit.

But what it all comes down to is that I hope one day I'll find someone that is honest, caring, loving, romantic... with a big heart, and maybe just some of the physical qualities I find attractive to get things going between us.

And then we'll live in a nice house, have 2 kids, play xbox, and toss a ball with them in our back yard.

Is that to much to ask for? ;)