Monday, August 16, 2004

Back - sorta

I'm back, sorta.

Sorta meaning - I'm back home now from the beach but so busy at work and home that I might not be able to post much today.

I want to take this post to THANK Bingo for filling in for me. He did a great job and I owe him some more porn. While our styles are completely different in writing, he can be just as entertaining as me. Who would have thought!? (You know I'm messing with you Bingo). THANK YOU BINGO! *kiss*

I will say I had a wonderful time on the trip and I'll write a post about it soon (some of it is gonna be pretty entertaining). Saturday was the only day we got a lot rain there. So for those wondering about the storm it really wasn't all that bad.

Ok, glad to be back and I'll try getting back into the groove soon (including all the missed blog I need to catch up on as well).