Friday, August 13, 2004

In Which I Embrace Unemployment

My first reaction anytime a friend asks me to do something is of course to try and do as bad of a job as I possibly can. I know, not exactly what most of you would think of but if you really mess up when someone asks you for some help the next time they are thinking about someone to ask for something they will skip over your name since they believe you to be completely incapable—that way you won’t ever be asked to help by that friend ever again… and if your real lucky word will spread and before long nobody will be asking you for help with anything.

No, no don’t worry I am not going to use that tactic here and give graphic details of how a hysterectomy is performed or anything—Billy deserves better than that! It is somewhat of a tricky thing though to “guest blog” for someone since blogs are such a personal thing and you can’t really fill that person’s shoes but if I play my cards right by the time Billy does come back you will boo him offstage and demand Bingo!

A little background for those of you who don’t know me… I am a twenty-something, southern guy, fresh out of college and unemployed (possibly unemployable) with a degree in Political Science. Being unemployed during the summer though is not the worst thing in the world since playing volleyball and swimming cost very little—actually it is very much like having a summer vacation from school except that instead of returning to school at the end of it I go straight into an early Christmas break.

Ok, well I am out to enjoy the fun and sun for another day.

Until next time,