Monday, August 16, 2004

Group Therapy

Now to fill you in a little bit on my vacation. Now that I type it, it doesn't seem as entertaining as I thought!

I left to my mom's place on Thursday night so that we could get up first thing Friday morning and get to the beach. My mom had invited my sister and I with her for some quality time. We haven't really spent much time as a family together recently. And all of us were missing it I believe. And don't say it, it was not a "girls time out"! If you were thinking that, BOOOO on you!

Anyways Friday we left and once we reached Ocean City we went almost straight to the beach. The sun was out and so we wanted to take advantage of it since we heard a storm was on the way. Well, after a few minutes I was out like a light. My mouth was open and drool was coming out ZZZZZZZZZ! ;) All I remember next was the natural instinct to grab the towel and wrap it around me because I was getting cold. Then I thought, wait... getting cold isn't a good thing when you are outside. My sister and mom actually had the same reaction about the same time I did. And we all noticed the sky was gray and the winds were picking up.

We decide to go get ready to go out and eat.

At dinner (we went to some fancy restaurant) we had a cute waiter. My mom and sister were all about him. Even I was impressed with his looks. A little to old for me, but his smile was pretty and he patted me on the back a few times when he would walk by our table. My mom and sister didn't get that! But what was funny was that he caught my sister oogling at him and came up to our table and asked her if anything was wrong. "I noticed you were looking at me, is everything ok?", My sister was almost speechless because it was true she was looking at him.. but with eyes of desire.

After dinner we hit the boardwalk and walked and shopped. My mom is an amazing person. I LOVE YOU MOM! She insisted on buying all our clothes and things that we bumped into and liked that night. I felt bad for her paying because I take great pride in working for what I own. But since she kept on insisting to do it, I did cave in and let her.

Sat. it rained the whole day. So we all decided this was the best day to hit the hundreds of outlets in the area. We went to Rehobath beach where I pointed out to my mom and sis that this was a predominantly gay beach. And they just remarked how clean and cute everything was there. Much nicer then Ocean City's beach area. We had to stop at the boardwalk for "Peppers" which serves TONS of different flavors of ice cream. My favorite "Cake Batter" Ice Cream. They actually put cake batter into the mix, and tastes just like you were licking the bowl of a butter cake before cooking it.

Again, at the outlets my mom paid for most of the clothes and things we got. Although being the way that I am I tried to separate myself from her so that I could buy a few things on my own without her having to pay for them and me feel guilty.

The only other highlight of my day was sitting in the car waiting for them as they shopped at some sea shell place, I got to talk to a boy on the phone. Now I'm not going into great detail on this person yet I will say that I have some interest in him and just hope maybe we can learn more about each other and take things from there.

Sunday we spent a part of it at the beach and then some more shopping. I'll tell you one thing, I'm shopped out! (Can it be true?!)

The only thing out of the norm for Sunday was that a girl saw me naked. I was in the dressing room at a Sports Zone store having a smile from ear to ear with the deals I was getting there (this time I was paying for the clothes). Well, I guess the lock didn't work in the dressing room I was in. And the door swings open with a girl walking right in. I jump up a mile and then smile and start laughing. She is like "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" and walks right out. I could hear her tell her friend outside the dressing room that I must be some kind of pervert to leave the door unlocked for anyone to walk in. When I was done I walked by letting her know I wasn't a pervert and that the lock on the door just doesn't work. This was about as exciting as it gets. And probably not all that exciting because some of you have already seen me naked.