Friday, August 27, 2004

Party all the time

My office celebrates everything, and it's getting expensive! A coworker bought a new house so we had a party when she got the good news. Now there is an e-mail going around to "bring a gift as we celebrate 'Meows' house warming party". I'm tempted to say "No thanks" because the e-mail needs a responce to know if we'll attend or not. Mind you this is being done during office hours and just a few cubes down from mine. I feel like I have to say "Yes". I mean, if I say no it'll look awful, wouldn't it? They'll all be celebrating just a few feet away from me and I'll look like the fucking Grinch...

But this is getting rediculous, I mean we just celebrated a coworker's daughter getting married. None of us have even met this girl before. And a couple weeks back we celebrated another coworker's 5 year wedding anniversary. And yet again, no one has met the husband here.

I think birthdays are nice and acceptable, but we gotta draw the limit somewhere. And that's why I feel like I should say "No". I mean, when my cat takes a good dump in her litter box should I tell my coworkers about that?

I want some cake damnit! Princess Gaby took a good shit this morning!

[Listening to: More to Life - Stacie Orrico]