Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Update on those fetishes

In response to the comments on this post, I figured I would reply with another.

First off, before I get down to the juice I wanted to agree with
Jef on a comment he made on this blog. He said that trust and humor are a part of the foundation for a relationship. I have to agree and I'm shocked I missed mentioning those in my writing. Trust is a HUGE thing. Once you lose that it becomes very hard to stay in one and work things out. If you trust the person you are with it definitely seems to make it all just fit together because you don't have to worry about things... and know you can count on one another for anything. I've lost trust in past relationships and I knew then it would be the turning point. You don't know how many times though I tried to work things out after that (I just hate to end things without giving it my all), but it just never seemed to be.

And humor definitely comes into play too. I gotta have someone who will laugh when I can't say the word "single" vs "signal" correctly. And they also either think I'm a total dork for my sense of humor, or laugh right along and play with my silliness sometimes ;) And they gotta make me laugh as well.

You know even though I gave that list of things I'd like to see in a guy none of them are required. I know I'm not going to find someone with it all. Just some of those things would be nice.

Ok, now for the strange fetishes that all of you seemed to comment about wanting to know more.

I'm definitely an unusual person when it comes to fetishes. Both with whomever I'm seeing, and my own. I had a boyfriend that was into some very kinky shit. Because I loved him and would do just about anything to make the person I'm with happy I had no problems doing them. I'm definitely more a giver then a taker. I want to see the person I'm with happy. Now that I'm painting a picture of my sainthood I shall dirty it up a little with the things I could get into. Mind you, I haven't had but 1 experience where it came close to my fetishes. My ex's would never seem to get into them, but then again I'd never make them or need them too. You know, it's nice to have but never required sorta deal. And I'll say that to whomever is in my future. They'll know these things kinda turn me on as well, but never need to feel required to do any of it in order for me to be happy.

One of the biggest and oddest fetishes I have deals with clothing. I'm a huge uniform/clothes kinda guy. If a guy is in a uniform, YUM! Or if he wears certain clothes, I'm almost instantly attracted to him. These clothes would consist of things like baseball caps, jeans (baggy jeans even better), leather jackets, T-shirts, wifebeaters, visors, Timberland boots, sweats, sports apparel. Any of these would help, and if he's wearing Tim's, jeans, white T-shirt, and a black leather jacket.. LOOK OUT! ;)
I'm into leather to some degree, but not into the S&M extreme. I just think guys in leather jackets can give me that extra OOMPH!
During the 1 experience I had (which didn't last very long because we got naked pretty quickly) the guy had on jeans with a wifebeater and a black leather jacket on top. He unzipped and I went all for it and boy was I happy.

I seem to have a fetish with guys on sport bikes. Something about a guy on a sport bike. That machine between his legs as he straddles all that power between his crotch... yum!

Not really a fetish and more a side thought of something I would like to do - have sex on a beach at night on a blanket (so the sand doesn't get into places it shouldn't).

A dirtier fetish of mine is that I'm very oral. I have a long tongue and don't mind using it. I'll lick about anything in sight. Also kissing is one of my favorite things to do.

Ok, maybe I should stop my list here before my blog is only know for being the smut of the internet ;)