Tuesday, August 24, 2004

69 Things I probably shouldn't admit

This post is probably the toughest I have done. It's hard to tell people your faults. Just don't think of me to bad when you see these. I was trying for a hundred, but then it started to get harder and I thought 69 was a good number! ;)

1 - I have chewed on my nails
2 - I could put mayo on anything
3 - I am overly sensitive to certain things
4 - I have a temper
5 - I'm a jealous person when it comes to my partner
6 - I hardly ever drink water (only soda)
7 - I would do just about anything for a good donut
8 - I get lost easily
9 - I hate city traffic and try to find excuses to get out of driving in it
10 - I sometimes wonder if Jessica Simpson and I have the same IQ (on those blond moments)
11 - I sing in my car only when it gets dark so people don't see me singing
12 - I have pee'd in the shower
13 - I have taken ephideran to stay awake
14 - I can't dance so I hate going out to clubs
15 - I hate people who rely on drugs to make them happy
16 - I think certain things about Mormans I'll never understand
17 - I feel like I rely to much on having someone to cuddle with
18 - I'm in debt
19 - I'm addicted to video games and surfing the web
20 - I love reality TV shows
21 - I'm a huge fan of Star Trek Voyager
22 - I listen to Celine Dion
23 - One of my favorite movies is How to lose a guy in 10 days
24 - I have gay and straight porn
25 - I don't iron my clothes very often
26 - I sometimes walk out of the house without matching
27 - I studder when I'm nervous
28 - I play my music way to loud in my car (enough to make the cars around me shake)
29 - I'm a fan of sports, but don't keep up with the scores and placements that often
30 - I get turned off by people that are to queeny
31 - I have stuffed animals on my bed
32 - I know almost all the words to the Phantom of the Opera
33 - I shave my privates
34 - I'm really scared about death and what happens after we die
35 - I have laughed at a funeral
36 - I have laughed in a church service when everyone was quiet (someone told me a joke that popped in my head)
37 - I have called in sick when I really wasn't
38 - I have skipped school
39 - I have done some drugs a LONG time ago
40 - I social smoke
41 - I stay pissed at the little things for a long time sometimes
42 - I have watched Falcon's Crest with my mom growing up
43 - I get a hard on whenever I see a cute guy on a sport bike
44 - I have had a 3some
45 - I can sit on my ass all day in front of a TV
46 - I eat way to many sweets
47 - I spend money when I'm depressed
48 - I help other people with fixing their computers, but then do a half ass job on it so they won't keep bugging me
49 - I'm a sucker for a romantic cheesy movie - such as Sleepless in Seattle
50 - I don't like taking money or people helping me out (it's a pride issue)
51 - I wake up at the last minute for work, and fly down the road at 90 to try to get there 15 minutes late.
52 - I tell people I'm busy with work when sometimes I just don't feel like talking with them
53 - I went through a really bad slut phase MANY years ago
54 - I take forever to cum
55 - I look like I'm busy with work when my coworkers want to talk
56 - I hate talking on the phone
57 - I can eat a whole pizza
58 - I love roller coasters (except wood ones, ones you stand up on, and suspended ones)
59 - I have shit myself running to the toilet at work
60 - I grind my teeth in my sleep when I'm stressed out
61 - I wouldn't give certain family members any money if I won the lottery
62 - I have lied to get out of a ticket
63 - I have shaken a vending machine to get a free snack
64 - I have drowned an ant hill with water
65 - I ate a mud hamburger
66 - I have scared teenagers in my way by getting close to running them over (you should have seen the look on their face)
67 - I throw out food before it expires (if I even think it could be getting bad it's gone)

68 - I pull the skin off my chapped lips
69 - I can hear most people whisper their secrets but pretend I don't hear a thing (I have really good hearing)