Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Weird Thoughts

Have you ever wondered weird thoughts like this:

*Staying at a hotel you think - "I wonder how many people are having sex right now in this hotel"*

*Driving down the road you think - "I wonder how many guys cocks are bigger then 9 inches that I've passed this morning"*

*Trying on clothes at the mall you think - "I wonder if anyone sexy has tried on this before me"*

*Going to the bathroom you think - "I wonder how that big of a shit came out of my ass when a dick that size would hurt me there"*

*Soaping up your body you think - "I wonder if soap is safe to use as a lube"*

*Dancing naked in the living room you think - "I wonder if Josh Hartnett (or someone else) would find this sexy"*

And the weirdest thought of all right now.. what the hell is this lady doing with this cat?

CLICK ON THE PIC to see more pictures of this cat (it's so cute and ugly!)