Friday, August 20, 2004

My Band!

Yes, I'm the guy you want to kill because I'm in the cube next to you singing "Ordinary Day" by Vanessa Carlton.

Speaking of "My Band", why couldn't that famous picture thingy tell me I looked like Eminem? ;) I actually have a picture that kinda makes me look like I was being a poser and trying to be him.

I have so many blogs I want to write, and not enough time. But I figured I would write down my blog goals within the next few days...

  1. I want to write up a 100 things I'm a little bit ashamed about to admit to (like the tweed going on in and a twist on the 100 things about me (which I still need to do too)
  2. I want to write my "out" story so that I can satisfy Hot Toddy
  3. I want to put up the pictures of my mom and sis from my vacation I just took
  4. I want to create another music post and force you all to listen to some more crap
  5. And do all of this while eating ice cream naked ;)