Thursday, February 23, 2006

Something strange

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I'm ok.

I had 2 blasts from the past contact me today. One I haven't spoken to in over 10 years (before I was 'gay'). Another one more recent but both shocked the hell out of me.

On a different note my friend Chris from now Las Vegas was in town today. I feel really bad for not getting the chance to hang out with him. We also go many years... I originally known him while he was in Delaware... then he moved to North Carolina for a few years, then recently Vegas. Chris if you read this I'm sorry. I hope you get the job and that you'll move to the area so I'll have a good buddy to hang out with then. Chris is someone I conpletely trust. As he does with me. And you don't get to many friends like that. For instance he texted me while I was at work on my cell phone (which sometimes works if I put the phone on the floor, weird I know) and he asked me to log into his e-mail (he gave me his password) and told me to pull up the directions emailed to him to the job and text it to his phone so he could get there since it almost seemed like he could be lost. Not many friends would just give out their passwords like that and have total trust about what I could see or do with it. He's also given me his other logins in the past as well so we could play online games. Chris is one of my best friends... now getting Chuck to understand that can be hard. Chuck has his friend Mike that he is extremely close with (somebody he tells everything to), now maybe one day he'll see that his Mike is my Chris. I tell everything to Chris. Doesn't mean I'm going to run away with him. If it did that would mean Chuck wants to run away with Mike now doesn't it? ;) I just feel uncomfortable talking with Chris lately since I feel like Chuck gets jealous of him. Even though Chuck and Mike have dated and slept together in the past (which Chris and I have not done), they have formed a friendship rather then a relationship. Some people are better off as friends and I think Chuck feels that with Mike. I don't suspect anything from those two as he shouldn't with Chris and I.... get the picture where I'm going with this? LOL

Anyways, something strange about me... final one and rather boring... I have abnormal sized pupils... well yeah I do and the doctors have told me that the babies I have are extremely rare in size when dialated. Ok something else weird since I feel like that was a let down for you... Cheese and mayo, I put like cheese and mayo on everything. Ok maybe not everything, but I could and be happy. Something else weird, donuts make me instantly happy. I'm sure I could go on and on and I'm sure as you continue to read (if I have any readers left LOL) you'll learn many more strange things about me.